2 days in Regensburg- there’s more to Bavaria than just Munich

Regensburg is a beautiful town in Northern Bavaria, approximately one hour from Munich. It makes for a great day trip from Munich or even spend a couple of days walking and exploring the history and beer. The medieval town is on the banks of the River Danube (or Donau as the Germans refer to it) and is known as a popular university town in Germany.

The historic old town of Regensburg, also known as Stadtamhof, is a UNESCO heritage site. To reach it, walk  towards the Danube and cross the historic old stone bridge which was under restoration when we visited. The walk along the river is just beautiful. The old town is lined with colorful buildings and cobbled streets and also makes for a great walk

Along the Danube eat at the oldest sausage stand in the world, the famous Wurstkuchl (check out their homepage). On a warm summer’s day sit outdoors, grab a beer and enjoy people watching along the river along with views of the grand church. Thank you to my colleague Agnes, that showed me this place, because it was inexpensive and great tasting.

St. Peter Cathedral or ‘Dom’ is the bishops church and dominates the skyline with its German Gothic architecture. We didn’t get a chance to go inside the church this time but hope to do so on a future visit. Nonetheless, you cannot miss this massive structure. It is visible from most places around town and looks even better at night when it is lit up.

Folks from Regensburg are also very proud of their beer, like most of Bavaria 🙂 We had dinner at the Hofbrauhaus in Regenesburg. Definitely recommended



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