2 days in Seoul- DMZ Freedom Bridge

DMZ- Freedom Bridge

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On Day 2 we took a DMZ tour that took us in to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that lies between South and North Korea. Sonny was a great guide and gave us a ton of local stories. We visited Imjingak Village, the most northern village in Korea that’s open to all South Korean civilians.

We saw a bridge covered with ribbons where nearly 13,000 prisoners of war were traded at the end of the Korean War . This bridge was called the Bridge of Freedom. Because the DMZ is so heavily land-mined, and because any bridges existing before the war had long since been destroyed, this bridge was built with the purpose of trading back prisoners of war. It’s a foot bridge only—prisoners were driven to the bridge, and then they walked across to return to their homes.


The bridge now serves as a place of remembrance for families who are separated—South Koreans tie bright colored ribbons covered in messages to the bridge.  Near the bridge you can also see a train car destroyed during the war, with bullet holes clearly visible.

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