2 days in Cartagena: travel itinerary

Cartagena is a beautiful walled city that is almost a gateway to South America. Located in the northern part of Colombia, it has a very European feel to it. Always warm and inviting Cartagena is known for it’s ‘magical realism’.

Two day itinerary

Day 1

  1. Walk the walls of old city Cartagena.  Get lost exploring Centro, San Diego neighborhoods (~3-4 hours)
  2. Lunch at Sombrero Ceviche
  3. Spend time at the beach
  4. Dinner within the walled city. Discover the night life (which starts only after 10 pm)

Day 2

  1. Half day trip to Volcan Totumo (read more here)
  2. Food tour with Juan or Kristy (Cartagena Connections) (~3 hours)
  3. Continue walking through Getsemani neighborhood.







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