24 hours in Marrakesh 

Our whole trip was planned around visiting the African continent. Marrakesh was our gateway to Africa and in spite of its proximity to Europe, it is worlds apart.

The action in Marrakesh is all around the medina. We stayed in one of the riads in the medina (Riad Azalia) and we would strongly recommend it.

Djamaa el fna is bursting with energy throughout the day. It starts building up slowly during the day with a few street vendors selling snacks and juice. 

During the day we visited the Bahia palace and Madrasa. Both are spectacular in terms of brilliance of architecture.

We also walked around in the medina and souks, bargaining and haggling our way to some good shopping deals.

As the heat subsides the square transforms into a market, street theatre and food court all at once. Eat at the food stalls but be prepared to be assaulted by the vendors trying to get your attention and business. It’s almost too much and not everyone’s cup of tea, but worth experiencing. Just be sure that you keep track of what you eat- they might try to overcharge you at the end of the meal- don’t hesitate to argue!

With an idea of what we were in for, for the next few days in the new country, we headed out of Marrakesh the next morning, for our road trip in Morocco!

With just 24 hours in Marrakesh, here are some things are should definitely be on the itinerary:

1. Visit Djemma el Fna and walk through the medina and souk

Djemma el Fna is the main square in Marrakesh. It’s where the shops, food stalls are. While its fairly quiet during the day, it comes to life as the sun goes down! Food stalls, shops, dancers, henna artists, snake charmers- you name it and you’ll find it here!

2. Visit the Bahia palace

While extremely touristy, it is quite pretty inside and worth a visit. Most of the boards inside are in French, so if you don’t speak it, download Google translate offline- it makes the visit a little more meaningful.

3. Visit Madrasa Ben Youssef

It can be tricky to find, but it is worth the effort. Once the largest madrasa in Africa, it is still beautiful, though not in use any more.

‘You who enter my door, may your highest hopes be exceeded’ reads the inscription over the entryway.

4. Try tajine

It is ubiquitously available, and is delicious!

5. Drink (lots of) mint tea

It seems counter-intuitive to drink hot mint tea in the heat, but it is amazingly refreshing! Served sweetened or unsweetened (on request) it is wonderfully aromatic and works brilliantly as a pick-me-up! Plus, the tea pots are so pretty!


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