Captivating Copenhagen! 2 days in the snowy city.

Copenhagen in February isn’t necessarily the best idea- but when its an all-expenses paid work trip that last 3 days but involves 2 hours of real work, how can one refuse!

Checking into the hotel that had been booked by our collaborators was quite interesting. I was a poor graduate student, dressed for comfort (and the cold) in jeans and a T-shirt and there I was, at the reception desk of the Copenhagen Admiral hotel- needless to say, it felt pretty good!

The King’s gardens, botanical gardens and Newhavn (the IT street in Copenhagen) were all covered with snow so not very busy.

The observatory did provide beautiful panoramic views of a city shrouded in white and the stock exchange with its crocodile tails reaching up to the grey sky was pretty impressive.

Got a special treat when we saw the royal entourage and the queen at the Parliament house! The palace itself wasn’t as impressive unfortunately.

Living with and being shown around by a local is a great way to really get to know the place. I was lucky to have the wonderful Karen to show me around her hometown- Copenhagen, including the cute apartment she bought and currently lives in and her parents’ house where we spent the weekend.

The new Opera house on the water had just opened and we watched a symphony there that night, though jet lag is cruel- and I had to struggle to stay awake towards the end despite the music being good.

Despite running the risk of coming off as too much of a tourist, we had to make the mandatory pitstop to see the little mermaid (and sing the songs from the Disney film whilst there :P).

The Frederiksborg palace was beautiful, outside and inside and we paid homage to Hans Christian Andersen and his genius!

While most of what I saw was covered in snow, and not to say that snow isn’t pretty; I have been given to understand that visiting Copenhagen in the summer is a completely different experience- I can’t wait to go back!


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  1. I visited Copenhagen in Sept and loved it. I will have to say I think the Little Mermaid is prettier with the snow though.

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