Food guide for Croatia: Restaurant Jadruhi, Istria

On our day trip through Istria, wine country in Croatia, we came across this small town called Vizinada and a restaurant called Konoba Jadruhi. Our plan was to taste their wine and leave but instead we decided to eat at the restaurant. And what a good idea that turned out to be.

The restaurant’s owner, Dario Simonovic, and the chief vintner, his son Marko Simonovic, are trying to promote what they refer to as Agrotourism with their home-made prosciutto,  olive oil, wine and cheese. You can follow them on social media  or check out their Jadruhi website


The menu was simple and we started with a cheese and meat platter (all made from local ingredients). Sounds simple but was delicious. We later found out that the cheese,  prosciutto and olives were all locally made

Cheese and meat platter

We also tried their soup as an appetizer and it was quite delicious.

Delicious pasta in truffle sauce

For the main course, we got the truffle pasta. We had never tried truffles before and reading about it later found out how expensive it can be. The fact that it was delicious and also not that expensive made the  meal even more special. We paired it with their house red wine and it was just perfect. Istria is known for its truffles and the area close to Motovun has an abundance of it

After the meal, we had no room left for dessert but we saw some served at the neighboring table and couldn’t resist. We ended up getting the house specialty cake and it was fresh and moist.

With the owner Dario Simonovic

After lunch it was time for some wine tasting straight from the barrel. Dario’s son, Marko, who is the vintner and prosciutto expert took us to their cellar for some wine and grappa.

Barrel tasting some young wine
Marko was so hospitable and humble
The Simonovic wine collection
The grappa collection!
Marko pouring some of his home-made grappa straight from the gigantic vat

Marko showed us the process of making prosciutto. It is made from the rear haunches of the pig; The curing is controlled so that the ham absorbs only enough salt to preserve it.

Posing with his hard work, prosciutto!

This happened to be one of the best meals of the trip. The food, experience and hospitality left a lasting impression on us. Highly recommend spending a day or two around Istria tasting wine and making a stop in Vizinada visiting the Simonovic’s and their wonderful restaurant.


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