8 photos from 8 hours in London

London is a huge city. You can spend days walking around and still not cover everything. Here’s a quick list of things to do if you are there for a short stay like us. We used our 8 hour layover to perfection.

Gaze upon the Palace of Westminister which houses the London Parliament, and the impressive Big Ben

Palace of Westminister and the Big Ben

Check out an iconic double-decker red bus and the London eye.

Find a red phone booth!

Visit Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square at Christmas

Get a pint near Covent Garden

Arthur Guinness- you genius!

Check out the blinding lights at Piccadilly Circus and the West End

Discover the London underground, and try not to get lost!

Eat mince pie (if its Christmas)

This short trip was extra special as D accepted my proposal and we decided to get married 










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