Off the beaten path: ♪ Montreal Jazz Fest ♪

We planned our trip to Montreal to coincide with the world’s largest Jazz Festival. It features all kinds of artists, big and small, and it is free to enter!

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We didn’t know what to expect so we walked around enjoying the street performers and sampling various stages. And of course the food and drink in the area! We made sure (as always) that we tried only local beers, and (again, as always) loved them!

At the Heineken stage there was a rock and roll party. Israel Proulx band was playing Elvis, Jerry Lewis and so on. Despite being a relatively unknown band, the crowd loved them, as did we. The lead singer even climbed onto the piano during his act- all part of the fun spectacle!

The highlight of the night was Jamie Cullum. If you haven’t heard of him check him out- he’s a super talented jazz musician from the UK, complete with the dry sense of humour! He mixed some original jazz numbers with jazz covers of popular songs. We liked his rendition of Mike Posner’s ‘I took a pill in ibiza’ best of all.


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And please don’t stop the music – which was an unexpected, but delightful inclusion in his repertoire.

Check out Jamie Cullum’s entire performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2016 (link)

If in Montreal around the time, we’d definitely recommend attending the Jazz festival. Even if most of the artists are unknown and unheard of, there is a good chance of stumbling upon someone who makes it completely worth the time!


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