Eat-aly part 2: Food Guide for Amalfi coast

From Florence (read about food recommendations here), we drove to Sorrento and along the Amalfi coast, continuing our culinary adventures.

With a long coastline and a number of quaint towns perched on the hillsides overlooking the water, the Amalfi coast provided a picturesque setting for delicious sea food!

Food we sampled, and would recommend includes:

Orata and fresh pasta: Orata was the fish of the day in Capri so of course, we ate it. Cooked in a tomato garlic sauce, the plate was wiped c-l-e-a-n! 

Sauted mussels: plump juicy mussels need no more explanation! 

Mixed sea food pasta in squid ink: finger-licking good! 

Walking around in the sun can be hot business, but with the abundant fresh fruits, iced fruit drinks (with no added sugar) are a great way to bring down the temperature!


Fresh strawberry crush

Moving away from the sea food, the locals also make delicious smoked hams and salami, served with fresh cheeses from sheep or cow’s milk, sundried tomatoes and pickled artichokes. While normally served as the first course , one can easily make an entire meal of the meats and cheeses. Yummm! Here, it was served with the house wine, made with no suphites. While quite different from the bottled wine we are used to, it was delicious and made for a really fun evening!

With the strong Neapolitan influence,Napolitano lasagne and Napolitano patata (potatoes baked with meat and cheese) are also worth trying, and quite nice. Suppli or Arancini: Fried rice balls, with a variety of stuffings, including ham, cheese, spinach are cheap, easy to find and make a great snack. 

Also cheap and easily available are ‘family’ pizzas, which are 6″ x 15″ rectangular pizzas, with proscuitto, mushrooms, or veggies (eggplant and bell peppers- a different but delicious combination!) and which can satisfy 4 hungry adults! 

What better way to end the meal than with freshly prepared tiramisu! Very different from the tiramisu in Rome (featured in part 3 of this series), with white mascarpone and no ladyfingers at the bottom, this one was so delicious that one serving was not enough at all! 

And finally, no trip to the Amalfi coast is complete without copious amounts of limoncello! Best served ice cold (keep the bottle in the freezer and chill the glasses before serving), it makes an amazing digestif

Making limoncello like his grandmamma used to!

For the real food aficionados, a large number of cooking classes are offered all over the Amalfi coast, and those who attended the course (we ate the food they learnt to make!) said it was extremely informative and lots of fun too. 


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