2 day trip to Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is one of those places everyone’s heard about but never visited

We first heard of Lake Como like most others, when George Clooney made it famous by making it his summer home. And you can see why!

Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=653364

The other thing no one tells you- it’s a huge lake! The lake is shaped like an inverted Y and borders Switzerland and Italy. There are many many small towns each of which are almost indistinguishable, yet have their own characteristics. We stayed in Lezzeno, which is close to one of the bigger towns Bellagio, and our Airbnb  had fantastic views of the lake.

Views of Lake Como from our Airbnb

There’s a lot you can do around Lake Como. Our recommendations for a relaxed family friendly vacation would be to spend as much time as you can on the lake and check out some of these towns

1. Bellagio

Bellagio is one of the bigger towns in Como and looks quite regal. It has a more touristy feel but worth some time. It also is well located at the base of the “golden triangle” and has good ferry connections to Varenna and Mennagio. We spent an evening there, strolling along the lake and getting drinks and dinner.


We did not go to the Lido in Bellagio but it looked very busy and had a good vibe. Leave us some comments if you’ve been or plan to go.

2. Menaggio

A ferry ride from Bellagio is Menaggio. This town is easily accessible from Lugano and the Swiss border and it shows in the size and popularity. We took our car across the lake on the ferry, which was a cool experience, especially for the parents. Spend time at the Lido which has two pools and access to the lake with spectacular views of the mountains.


3. Lenno

This cute little town is on the same side as Menaggio and famous for  Villa Balbianello. Walk along the lake, enjoy the million dollar mansions and eat dinner at one of the restaurants. Good food and great prices.


4. Lezzeno

We lived in Lezzeno and is probably the only reason we visited it. We spent half a day at the lake in Lezzeno and we highly recommend Restaurant Aurora. the beach acess had deck chairs, paddle boats and a giant trampoline all accessible for 10 euros!

Como and Lecco are probably the most urban towns along the lake. We didn’t have the time to visit them but could easily be part of the plan.


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