Sechseläuten: Spring festival in Zürich, Switzerland

Sechseläuten is a traditional spring holiday in Zürich, one of the first unique Zürich traditions that we got to witness! Tradition of Sechseläuten and the Böögg The tradition of Sechseläuten, which directly translates to the six o’clock ringing of the bells, dates back to 1525. The light faded early in winter causing workers to end their days […]


2 days in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is known for it’s New Years celebrations. 48 hours is never enough in any city, but here’s what to see in Madrid, the city that “really knows how to live”! Top places to visit Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor Located at the heart of Madrid, Puerta del […]

48 hours in Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is a scenic gateway to Austria. While not as big or museum-filled as Vienna, it is a very picturesque city, that should not be missed. It has a historic old town along the river Inn nestled between the Alps on both sides. We spent 48 hours in Innsbruck over Easter. Here are the top […]

Street art (& humor) in Innsbruck, Austria!

Trash can humor in Innsbruck The city of Innsbruck asked it’s inhabitants to contribute messages for the trash cans and some of them are just brilliant. To read more about Innsbruck and what to do there, check out our 48 hours in Innsbruck post And of course the classic one: Next time in Innsbruck, take […]

2 days of beer: Innsbruck, Austria

Beer of the day We tried the Samichlaus Classic Beer in Innsbruck. 14% makes it one of the stronger beers we’ve had in a while and much stronger than most German or Austrian beers we’ve tried. Great job Eggenberg Brewery! The special thing about Samichlaus is that it is aged for 10 months and brewed […]