Hikes near Zurich: Chli Aubrig

Spring and summer are perfect for hiking around Switzerland. Chli Aubrig is a good, medium difficulty hike 45 min from Zurich. This set of posts will highlight hikes that are within 1-2 hours of Zurich.

Hike details

Approx Time: 4 hours (3 hours 15 min hiking, 45 min break)

Approx Distance: 10 km

Height Gain: 630 m (2066 ft)

Route: Sattelegg – Chli Aubrig – Wildegg – Nussen – Unter Alten – Sattelegg

Sattelegg trailhead

Sattelegg is a 45 min drive from Zurich. Located near Einsiedeln it makes a convenient starting point for the hike. There is a restaurant at the trail head for refreshments before or after the hike. There is ample parking as well to leave your car while you hike.

The trail starts at Sattelegg with a steep ascent from 1190 m (3903 ft) towards Chli Aubrig  1642 m (5386 ft). Very quickly into the hike the views are rewarding- snow capped mountains and a later point, Sihlsee.

Climb to Chli Aubrig

Our first goal was to reach the summit of Chli Aubrig as part of the training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro later this year. The ascent is steep but paths are clearly marked and it is classified as a T2 hike (according to hikr.org)

Descend to Unter Alten

After reaching the Chli Aubrig summit we descended back down and continued towards Nussen (approx 15 min from Wildegg). Don’t be surprised to encounter goats grazing along the trail! After Nussen starts the descent towards Unter Alten. It is a steep descent and shows you how much you climbed up. The path is through wooded forests and fairly muddy. We stopped at Unter Alten for a lunch break with views of Gross Aubrig.

Back to the trail head at Sattelegg

The final hour of hiking from Unter Alten to Sattelegg is fairly flat and makes for a nice stroll if the weather is good.


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