Capadoccia Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride!

Our experience of the hot air balloon ride was so much fun, that we felt it warranted a separate blog post altogether. Read about things to do in Cappadocia here, and about the pièce de résistance of our trip, below!

As touristy and predictable as it sounds, definitely try to include a hot air balloon ride in your itinerary!


The ride depends entirely on the weather and can be cancelled at the last minute, so if you can, try and assign at least 2 mornings to giving it a shot.


Rides can cost anywhere from 120-150 EUR cash (credit card payment costs 10 EUR more) and are cheaper if you book them at the shop or online, instead of going through the hotel.

On the day..

With the booking out of the way, the rest of the experience is quite a lot of fun!

You wake up before dawn, around 4 am (they will knock on your hotel room door if you aren’t ready), and are picked-up from your hotel in a mini bus full of other sleepy people. If you are bought to a field, it is likely that the trip will not happen- they might serve coffee and biscuits and take you back to the hotel. In this case, you’re back at the hotel by about 5.30 am. We used the opportunity to go back to sleep and began the day (again) at a more reasonable hour (read 10.30 am)!

If, on the other hand, the mini bus brings you to a hotel lobby or to the shop front, to lots of people looking extremely busy, the trip is on! You are assigned a balloon number and can help yourself to breakfast while you wait. Frantic activity ensues and you’re transported to your balloon.

The rest is magic 🙂

Field full of balloons, ready for take off!
Goreme panorama
Good morning Goreme!

Ending with a toast of champagne (alcohol-free, so sparkling grape juice), you’re back in your hotel by 8 am, well before the day has begun for anyone else!

We had been a bit skeptical about how touristy and hyped the hot air balloon rides were, but were happily mistaken. It is really fun and despite the crowd and hundreds of balloons in the sky, the experience is special and definitely recommended!


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