Top 12 beers to taste in Belgium

Brussels is a beer heaven! It is home to some of the best and most diffrentiated beers in the world.

Trappist beers

Brewed by the trappist monks in the traditional way, only 12 breweries in the world can produce trappist beer. Of them 6 can be found in Belgium!

1. Orval

One of the 6 trappist beers from Belgium. Dark, sweetish not bitter, tasty. Very different from other beers we’ve tried.

2. Westmalle tripel

Tripel = strong, blonde, smooth and delicious. One of the 6 trappist Belgian beers. Also recommended is Westmalle double.

3. Achel bruin

Smooth, strong and delicious. One of the 6 trappist Belgian beers. Also available in a blonde version.

4. Chimay

Dark, refreshing and recommended as a great beer by the locals.

5. Rochefort 8, 10

Lambic beers

6. Kriek de ranke

Sour, refreshing and red.

7. La moederation

Brewed for moeder lambic. Strong 8 %, slightly bitter and mildly hoppy. Super refreshing on a hot day.

8. Cantillon

A. Gueze

Blend of 1,2,3 year old lambics. Not too sour but not the best lambic I’ve tasted.

B. Rose de Gambrinus

Gueze plus raspberries added during year 2 of fermentation. Great aroma, not too sour. Light and easy to drink.

Other famous Belgian beers

9. Delirium nocturnum

Brown beer. Fantastic flavors and probably better than delirium tremens.

10. St Feuillien grand cru

Strong, blond beer. Sneaky beer, smooth taste but can hit you hard.

Beers from Bruges

11. Brugse Zot

The most popular beer in Bruges from De Halve Maan brewery is called Zot after all the drunk, crazy inhabitants of Bruges.

12. Straffe Hendrik Quadruple

Also from De Halve Maan, this beer packs a punch!


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