Skiing in Brunni Alpthal

This winter we are exploring ski areas close to Zurich and Luzern. This weekend we visited a new ski aeea, Brunni Alpthal. There are a couple of larger ski areas in the same region as well, Sattel Hochstuckli and Hoch -Ybrig. How do you get there? Brunni is a smaller ski area in the region […]


Kenya Visa for Indian citizens

If you have an Indian passport, it’s likely you’ve experienced the pain of getting visas for most countries. Kenya is an exception! Visa on arrival is possible for Indian passport holders. You can choose to do it online before the visit or directly on arrival. Online queue moves a little quicker but the on arrival […]

Ski trip to Zermatt, Switzerland

One of the most, if not THE most recognizable mountain peak in the world is Matterhorn. The village/town at the foot of Matterhorn is Zermatt. How do you get to Zermatt? It’s a long day trip or a relaxed weekend trip from Zurich or Luzern. Driving from Zurich is probably the most convinient and takes […]