Ski trip to Zermatt, Switzerland

One of the most, if not THE most recognizable mountain peak in the world is Matterhorn. The village/town at the foot of Matterhorn is Zermatt.

How do you get to Zermatt?

It’s a long day trip or a relaxed weekend trip from Zurich or Luzern. Driving from Zurich is probably the most convinient and takes 3 hours and you get to try the car-train (scary and fun!). By train it takes approximately 4 hours

Zermatt is a car-free village

If you drive, you have to park your car outside Zermatt which is a car free village. To get to the ski slopes you have to take a train which costs xxx and offers stunning views of Matterhorn

Skiing in Zermatt

Ski lift tickets are a bit pricey but that goes with the popularity of the location and also the quality of the slopes, which is fantastic. It costs 60 CHF and includes the train that takes you to the slopes. The ski rental was also expensive (80CHF) but the views make it completely worth the price. More information can be found on the Zermatt website

What else can I do in Zermatt?

If you don’t like skiiing, there’s many trails to go snow shoe hiking or just go to one of the restaurents and have some food and beer. We went an awesome igloo, Iglu-Dorf, on the slopes that served local Swiss food (fondue and rosti) and chilled beer. For additional activities in the village, check out the Zermatt website



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