1 day in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and a wonderful city to go visit for a day or two. It’s perfectly accessible by air, bus/train from mainland Europe and by ferry from Helsinki. We took the ferry from Helsinki – it was a short, two hour ride and turned it to be very comfortable.

Here are a few things to do in 24 hours in Tallinn.

Visit the historical old town of Tallinn

The old town of Tallinn is a UNESCO heritage site. It is a great place to get a glimpse into the history of Tallinn and Estonia. Take the free walking tour and get a quick summary of the stories behind the city’s monuments and history. We took the tour with EstAdventures and our guide Kadri was great.

Drink the local Estonian beer

The craft beer revolution is in full swing in Estonia. They know and love their beer, and for 5 EUR for a beer, we were convinced to join them too! Craft brewers from all over the country come to Tallinn and we had the chance to try a few of the local beers.

Check out our blog post on bars to check out (coming soon)

Get the medieval experience

Thanks to Game of Thrones, all things medieval are cool. Tallinn has a medieval feel and knows it! And they go all out – so even if it feels touristy or kitschy, the experience can be quite enjoyable! See dragons at the town hall, check out the old city wall or go for a candlelight dinner at Olde Hansa.

For us, 24 hours felt like just enough time in Tallinn, but Estonia – we’ll be back!


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