Zurich in spring/summer- 5 top things to do.

Spring and summer are the best times to visit Switzerland and May – September are the best months.

With the dark cold winter coming to an end, by March the days are already longer and the trees begin to look green again. April can be cold, so if you’re willing to face the unexpected odd snow storm, it can be a good time too.

However, starting in June, temperatures are better, normally above 20C in the day and sunset isn’t until 8.30, so the days are warm and long – full of things to do!

5 of our favorite things, when the sun is shining, include

1. Experience the outdoors:

Go for a hike or a long walk in the mountains. The sun isn’t too hot and the distant high peaks are still snow capped, so the views are gorgeous!

2. Have a picnic:

Spring is grilling time – everyone brings out their grills and the evening air is rich with the scents of grilling meats, sausages and burgers. A lot of parks allow charcoal grills, and there are public grills available on first come first served basis.

3. Swim in the river and lake:

With the air temperatures up to 28-30C the water is delicious and refreshing at 18C. All the public swimming areas are open and after baking in the sun a quick dip is just the thing!

4. Have a drink outdoors:

With the pleasant temperatures and long sunny days, open air bars pop up like mushrooms all over the city and are a great way to take a break. Aperol spritz is the drink of choice on a warm day Also you’re allowed to drink anywhere in Zurich, so it’s perfectly natural to walk around with a chilled beer too.

5. Open air events in Zurich:

Impromptu and planned music events occur all over the city and are worth an evening.

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