Day trip to Metz, France

2 hours from Paris by train is the cute city of Metz. It has enough to see, eat and drink and is definitely worth a day trip.

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We drove there from Zürich, took us 4 hours driving through the pretty French countryside.

Being very close to the German border, this city was transferred back and forth between France and Germany until after the second world war, after which it has belonged to France.

The city has a few sites that are definitely worth a visit, thanks Solo Sophie, for the tips.

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If you have a day, these are the top things to do!

Metz Cathedral

With its gorgeous stained glass windows and vast interior, it is definitely worth a visit.

Temple Neuf and Jardin d’Amour:

The new Protestant church is situated on a little island in the middle of the city, surrounded by a park, offering a lovely view of the city and rivers.

Place Saint Louis

The location of the Christmas market, in spring it is full of cafes and open air bars – great place to get a drink or grab a bite to eat and people watch!

Église Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains

It is the oldest church in France can be found in Metz and dates back to 390 AD. Walking through the ruins gives you the feeling of Rome and the ruins in that city. Today, the church is used as a cultural centre and exhibition hall.

Centre Pompidou-Metz

In the newer part of the city, across the train station is the “younger sibling of the iconic Centre Pompidou in Paris”.

By the way, the train station and post office are pretty spectacular buildings, with their own history too and are worth a minute to stop, stare and marvel!

Aux Merveilleux

They make and are famous for only 2 items – Merveilleux and Cramiques. We tried the Merveilleux in chocolate and cherry flavors, chocolate was great, cherry was almost too sweet.

With a good dinner of duck casserole and steak tartar, with a couple of local beers to wash it all down, it was a good day!


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