Day trip to Luxembourg City

Luxembourg, one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe and the only remaining grand duchy in the world, has been on our list ever since we moved to Europe.

Only an hour drive from Metz or Saarbrücken, makes it very accessible. We used one of the many long weekends in June to visit the capital, Luxembourg City for a day trip.

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Here’s 5 things to do in a day in Luxembourg city:

1. Take a walking tour of Luxembourg City

As with all cities, a walking tour is the best way to get a lay of the land and learn more about the city. We went on the walky talky tour and after 2.5 hours of walking around, felt like we knew the city a lot better. We highly recommend it.

2. Ride the panoramic elevator

The two – level nature of Luxembourg city took us completely by surprise. There are a number of vantage points in the city that offer great views, and the panoramic elevator in Pfaffenthal is one of them. A quick ride allows you to lose (or gain) 150m and offers picturesque views.

3. Luxembourg City cathedral

Bearing the picture of the patron Saint of the city and the country, Maria Consolatrix Afflictorum, the Notre Dame cathedral in Luxembourg is ornate with beautiful stained glass windows, and worth a visit.

4. Mudam- the modern art museum

Located in the newer part of the city, the museum of modern art is quite different from the rest of the city. Around it are the buildings of the EU court of justice and offices of all the translators.

5. Eat and drink

Food in Luxembourg isn’t cheap but they have some interesting options. Get a croissant or pastry at Oberweis and try the local beers!


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