2 days in Verona, Italy

Verona is a hidden gem, rich in history and right at the entrance of Valpolicella wine country.

With 2 days to spend, we recommend day 1 in Verona and day 2 in wine country.

Top 5 things to do in Verona

1. Take a walking tour –

As in any city, we always recommend going on a walking tour as a great way to get to know the city. We went with JM tours and enjoyed it a lot.

2. Check out the main squares –

Piazza Bra – one of the main Piazzas in the city, it is surrounded by buildings spanning many centuries. From the Roman Arena dating back to 20BC to the newer city hall, you can see a wide variety of styles – ancient, Gothic and neo classical. If you have the time, definitely watch an opera in the Arena! Read more about the opera in Verona here.

Piazza Erbe – one of the biggest squares in Europe, it is always busy and boasts buildings with cool frescoes, the Lamberti tower and the Madonna fountain.

Piazza Signore– it has the famous statue of Dante and other renowned Veronese citizens,and the Scaglione Palace . Just past the Piazza Signore, check out the tombs of the family La Scala

3. Recreate Romeo and Juliet –

Visit the houses of the star crossed lovers and dont forget to rub the statue of Juliet for good luck!

4. Watch sunset from the top of Piazzale Castel San Pietro –

10 mins climb up uphill from Ponte Pietra brings you to the top and provides a great view, especially at sunset. Remember to bring insect repellant!

5. Eat and drink everything Italian!

A big part of most holidays is the food and drink. For more details about what to eat and drink, check out the independent post about food in Veneto.

Day 2: Wine country

Valpolicella and Bardolino wine regions are about 30 mins drive away and are definitely worth visiting. Read more about the wineries to visit, here.


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