Dubrovnik: How to get from Airport to Old Town

Ready to explore Dubrovnik and all it’s Game of Thrones sites! But how do you get to Old Town from the airport?

There is no train station in Dubrovnik but if you fly in there are two easy options to get to Old Town from the airport. Either way it takes approximately 30 min and great sea views along the way!

Uber: the easy option. The comfort of ordering a taxi and clearly described fares. Average cost is 300 HRK (~45 USD).

Direct shuttle bus: this is fairly recent and a great option. The schedule is quite frequent and costs 55 HRK (~8 USD), a sixth of the cost. Follow the signs for “official shuttle bus” as soon as you reach arrivals. Payment by cash or card is acceptable.

Now that you’ve reached old town Dubrovnik, read about our 2 day itinerary


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