Mostar-Bosnia and Herzegovina : Day trip from Dubrovnik

If you’ve spent a few days in Dubrovnik and need a change, one of the cool things to do is head to Bosnia and Herzegovina with which Croatia shares a border and lots of history. Mostar is one of the historic cities and easiest to access from Dubrovnik.

What are the top 3 things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Visit Stari Most

This is a must – do in any day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the most photographed bridges in the world, you’ve probably seen photos of the Stari Most online without realizing where it is! The bridge connects the Bosnian side with Turkish/Islamic influences to the more Christian influenced Herzegovinan side. Stroll along the bridge and also the markets in old Town on either side.

If you are lucky, you might get to watch one of the professional bridge jumpers drive off the bridge, into the river below!

Take a swim at Kravica Falls

A hidden gem along the way to Mostar is the Kravica Falls national park. Bosnia and Herzegovina is still not very touristy but the park was fairly busy. Still we had plenty of space in the river to take photographs! The entry fee is 5 euros and allows entry to the park and swim at the falls.

The water is cold but really refreshing! Do not miss out!

Taste local Bosnian food and drink

Bosnian food includes lot of delicious meat – cevapi, kebabs etc. Try the burek, which is very similar to Turkish borek. Visit Irma Time which is very close to the Stari Most. It is a small restaurant with large and delicious food portions. One meat platter can be shared easily. Cost of a meal is easily less than 10 euros per person

Taste the Bosnian coffee- very similar to turkish coffee, it’ll wake you right up!

Unfortunately we couldn’t find traditional turkish tea, but the Bosnian čaj was very close.

How do I go to Mostar?

Highly recommend booking a day tour with Drago. He’s a very knowledgeable, and friendly guide and had great stories. We were only a group of 7 which is better than joining a big bus with 50 people. Made our day trip memorable. Cost is ~50 Euros and well worth it

Do I need a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Make sure to carry your passport. You cross the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia atleast 3-4 times and will get checked each time. A multiple entry Schengen Visa or EU ID card is sufficient to enable travel. If you made it to Croatia, you have the documentation to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Enjoy the trip!


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